Hinged S/G Series KSG Hinged Illuminated S/G Series KSGB

The hinged sightglasses offer a quick and easy opening sightglass unit without or with illumination, in cases where an addition of components is required or samples need to be taken on a regular or sporadic basis. The standard illuminated version is restricted to safe area use.

The circular flange is welded into or onto the vessel wall.

Two sizes, KSG (B) 125 and KSG (B) 200 are available with an OD of 250 respectively 335 mm.

KSG (B) 125 is limited to 1 bar pressure
KSG (B) 200 is limited to 0.5 bar pressure
Maximum temperature 200°C with glass disc to DIN 7080 (borosilicate)
Maximum temperature 150°C with glass disc to DIN 8902 (sodium silicate)

Welding flange: Stainless steels 316 Ti, 316 L, 304 and carbon steel RSt 37.2
Opening part: Corrosion resistant aluminium casting
Gaskets: Silicone
Closing part: Aluminium casting, steel, zinked

Supply: AC or DC
Terminal voltage: 24 V (12 V possible)
Nominal rating: 50 or 100 W
Bulbs: Halogen, socket GY 6.35

IP 65

– Higher pressure version up to 6 bar ( Only KSG(B) 125)
– Opening part acryl painted, nickel or stainless steel plated
– All stainless steel high pressure construction (up to 10 bar)
– Seals in Viton, PTFE or other materials
– Light fittings of the series CHEMLUX (14)* or EdelLUX (15)* for use in hazardous areas
– Light fittings of the series KL (17)* / KLR (12)* for safe area use with 230 V supply

Wipers of the series W / WD (6)*

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