Guardian ANSI Overhung Magnetic Drive Pump

Guardian ANSI Overhung Magnetic Drive Pump

Product Description

Guardian ANSI Overhung Magnetic Drive Pump Bulletin

The Flowserve Guardian ANSI Overhung Magnetic Drive Pump is a horizontal, magnetic drive pump, compliant with ANSI B73.1M dimensional standards. The Guardian is designed for simplicity and reliability for emission-free service requirements. The Guardian pump uses a Mark 3 casing and impeller for proven, consistent hydraulic performance. The Guardian magnetic drive pump possesses numerous reliability and performance enhancing features including:

  • Rugged silicon carbide bushings and journals
  • Proven Mark 3 casing and impeller
  • Optimized internal lubrication path 

Available in 18 sizes, the Guardian uses the same casing and reverse vane impeller as the Flowserve Durco Mark 3 ANSI standard pump. This interchangeability of wet end parts provides consistent hydraulic performance and allows pumps to easily be converted from sealed to sealless configurations.

Polymers, Solvents, Toxic Services, Ultrapure Liquids, Valuable Liquids, Water Treatment, Organic Chemicals, Emissions Reduction, Difficult-to-Seal Liquids, Corrosive Services, Chlor-alkali, Acid Transfer, Aquariums, Flammable Liquids

Electronics, Acid Transfer, Volatile Organic Compounds, Pharmaceuticals, Automotive and Aircraft, Solvents, Caustic and Chlor-Alkali.

Mark 3 Casing and Impeller deliver consistent hydraulic performance and maximum interchangeability.

Exclusive Reverse Vane Impeller provides constant inner bearing lubrication, predictable thrust characteristics, and lowest average NPSHR.

Optimized Internal Lubrication Path designed to provide bearing lubrication before heat removal from containment area.

Silicon Carbide Bushings and Journals with double spiral grooves for superior lubrication and bearing life.

Precise Running Clearances protect the containment shell form potential damage.

An External Flush Plan is available with the Guardian to extend the pump’s application range. By introducing a clean, compatible flush fluid or a filtered bypass flush into the containment shell area, the Guardian can handle otherwise difficult process conditions.


  • Configurations
    • G-Series (-75°C [-100°F] to 120°C [250°F])
    • H-Series (-120°C [-250°F] to 290°C [550°F])
  • Choice of materials
    • 316 SS
    • Alloy 20
    • Hastelloy® C-276
    • Hastelloy® B2
    • Titanium
  • Options
    • Fiber-optic leak detection
    • Containment shell temperature probes
    • Process temperature probes
    • External flush plans
    • Pressure transducers
    • Flow switches
    • Vibration probes
  • Operating parameters
    • Flows to 375 m3/h (1650 gpm)
    • Heads to 215 m (705 ft)
    • Temperatures from -75°C (-100°F) to 290°C (550°F)


Guardian ANSI Overhung Magnetic Drive Pump Chart

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