Flowserve Lined Magnetic Drive Pump -Short Lead Times

Flexachem can supply you with the Flowserve Lined Magnetic Drive Pump with short lead times. The INNOMAG TB-MAG sets a new benchmark for magnetic drive pump value and performance. This versatile pump is engineered to provide low total cost of ownership and exceptional leakage protection in extremely corrosive and environmentally critical applications. While the TB-MAG boasts many innovative design elements, the key to its proven performance is its revolutionary dynamic thrust balancing system. This cleverly engineered system eliminates the need for thrust bearings and results in highly efficient operation with outstanding reliability, even in applications containing solids.

Advantages of a Lined Magnetic Drive Pump:

  • All product contact parts are ETFE – highly corrosion resistant. Can contribute towards higher product purity when compared to metallic construction.
  • Unsurpassed solids handling ability – up to 30% depending on size and nature of solids. Particles larger than 0.005” (0.127mm) are prevented from entering the bearings, so clean flow is provided. Pump is, therefore, suitable for typical pharma API services.
  • Zero eddy current losses = no heat input to the process and reduces the risk of upset at low flows.
  • Unique thrust balancing system. No thrust bearings to wear out due to adverse operation. Pump can be run reliably from minimum flow to end of performance curve.
    Heavy-duty construction – pressure rating of casing is 20.5 bar, pressure rating of containment shell >200 bar. Competitor offering has lower ratings.
  • All metal parts are coated with a highly resistant epoxy paint finish, even the external magnet. This prevents corrosion build-up and breach of the containment shell due to abrasion.
  • All wear parts made from wear resistant and chemically inert silicon carbide.
  • DLC bearings available to resist the effects of dry running.
  • No suction bearing needed – lower NPSH required.
  • Relatively steep performance curve for controllability and greater reliability with changing system conditions.
  • Concentric volute casing minimises radial loads and equalises pressure on the casing.
  • Casing drain point standard. Maintenance can be performed in safety with no residual liquid.


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Industries and Processes served by the INNOMAG


  • Ultra High Purity PFA
  • Cleaning Solutions
  • DI water
  • Potable Water
  • Solvents
  • Caustic
Food & Beverage

  • Ultra High Purity PFA
  • Cleaning Solutions
  • DI water
  • Potable Water
  • Solvents
  • Caustic
Chemical Processing

  • Sealless leak free
  • Heat transfer fluids to 250° F
  • Bulk Transfer
Water Management

  • Aluminum sulfate
  • Chlorine
  • Ferric sulfate
  • Ferric chloride
  • Polyaluminum chloride

For further enquiries and to find out lead times please contact      Phil Soltan phil.soltan@flexachem.com