Flexachem’s wheels keep turning amid the Covid 19 crisis

While our internal staff are busy working remotely behind the scenes to process the orders and maintain a steady flow, our store manager is shipping goods as normal.

We are doing everything to ensure that the product keeps moving.

We will operate to our normal standards of customer care during this time.

Should have any queries about a particular order – please send us an e-mail to sales@flexachem.com and we will ensure it reaches the right hands.

Alternatively, if you wish to speak to our external team relating to your query;

Pumps – Phil Soltan on 086 1853782 or phil.soltan@flexachem.com

Seals – Chris Sheeran on 087 7559936 or chris.sheeran@flexachem.com

Valves – Brendan Merrigan on 087 2598124 or brendan.merrigan@flexachem.com

Process Equipment – Michael Bradley on 086 0476178 or michael.bradley@flexachem.com

Internal Product Specialists – contact phone numbers:

Pumps Team – Adrian McSweeney on 021 4617212, Paul Fox-Morris on 021 4617231 and Fiona Foley on 0214617240

Seals Team – David O’Connell on 021 4617233

Valves Team – Tim Quigley (Operations Manager) on 021 4617209 , Brian Barry on 021 4617211, Vicki McGrath on 021 4617207, Ross O’Donovan on 021 461 and Conor Foley on 021 4617206

Process Equipment – Ken Killoughy on 021 4617210, Ross O’Donovan on 021 461 and Conor Foley on 021 4617206

Service Engineers – Colin Draper on 021 4617223 and Peter O’Donovan on 021 4617223

Financial Team – Richard Twomey (Financial Controller) on 021 4617215, Jean-Marie Faley (Accounts Payable) on 021 4617219 and Gillian Walsh (Accounts Receivable) on 021 4617214

Quality Assurance/ Documentation – Bridie O’Neill on 021 4617205

We are monitoring the situation as it progresses and will keep you up to date with any changes to our operation.