External Support Team

Flexachem’s External Support Teamexternal support team

Flexachem’s external support team are split into 4 areas covering our comprehensive product portfolio. This split is Valves, Pumps, Mechanical Seals and Process equipment. To arrange a site visit, or to contact a member of the external support team please use the contact information below.

Valves & Steam Specialist – Brendan Merrigan

In support of our extensive Valve portfolio, Brendan is focused on delivering the full fluid control solutions that offer engineering performance & reliability for all applications. This includes all Flowserve valve products such as Worcester, Norbro, Atomac, Durco and includes the steam portfolio of Gestra. In addition, Brendan looks after the Control valve portfolio for Flowserve Flowtop / Kammer / Valtek and all actuation packages you may have requirements for.

Contact Brendan on 087 2598124 or brendan.merrigan@flexachem.com

Pumps & Seal Specialist – Phil Soltan

Our market-leading portfolio of Flowserve heritage pumps; Centrifugal, Magnetic Drive, SIHI, Rotary Lobe & Disc Rotor together with Flotronic AODD pumps and Inoxpa sanitary range for food, dairy and beverage applications are all managed by Phil. Flexachem delivers operational cost savings through ensuring best efficiency point selections along with reliability monitoring solutions. The wide array of pump and seal solutions cover all industries and include lined magnetic drive pumps for containment applications, seals for slurry & mixing applications and replacement of obsolete brands.

Contact Phil on 086 1853782 or phil.soltan@flexachem.com

Process Equipment Specialist – Michael Bradley

Our process equipment portfolio includes global brands such as 3V Cogeim Filter dryers, 3V Glasscoat Vessels, Cashco Vapour control, Kelvion Heat Exchangers, Chemineer & PRG Agitators and Bram Cor Water treatment solutions. The process equipment product portfolio are typically the longer lead time items with a high degree of specifications to meet difficult end-user applications. Other applications include Neoceram Pumps and Valves for bottling and filling lines – ceramic products that provide 5 years maintenance free operation versus stainless units and can be retrofitted. Services include mixing modelling, filter dryer servicing and upgrades and heat & cooling skids.

Contact Michael on 086 0476178 or michael.bradley@flexachem.com

Mechanical Seal Specialist – Chris Sheeran

Our Mechanical Seal portfolio includes but is not limited to; Agitator Seals, Pump Seals, Aseptic Seals and Speciality Equipment Seals. We offer a wide range of Flowserve seals types into the pharmaceutical, bio-pharma, chemical processing and general industries.

Chris is happy to speak to you about our full range of sealing support systems. These systems are used to create a favourable operating environment around the mechanical seal. He can advise you on the appropriate selection of a seal support system for your process.

Contact Chris on 087 7559936 or chris.sheeran@flexachem.com