Disk Rotor Pump


What is a Disk Rotor Pump?

  • Highly innovative design, operating with  boundary layer and viscous drag forces
  • Parallel disc pump mechanism, Disk Rotor – delivers laminar, pulsation-free flow
  • Minimal contact between pump and pumpage – leads to low pump wear and no product damage

Adaptek Disk Rotor Pumps are suitable for Chemical, Municipal, and Petroleum Processing. They are designed for the most abrasive, and erosive particulates, slurries and sludges.

The disk rotor pump gently handles the most fragile crystals, sensitive chemicals and polymer emulsions, while reducing spares, operating, and maintenance costs.

The advantages of a Disk Rotor Pump:

  • Laminar flow = Low NPSHr
  • No close tolerances
  • Easily passes high solids
  • Clog-resistant = Max uptime
  • Non-impingement pumping = Longer pump life
  • Minimal damage to delicate products = Higher yields
  • Pulsation-free = Reduces wear on pump, valves, instruments and related pipework
  • Capable of running dry, with dead-head discharge and starved suction
  • Minimal radial loads = Longer pump, seal and bearing life
  • Same operating range as PC, gear and centrifugal type pump

To find out more about the Adaptek Disk Rotor Pump ability watch the video below.

Difficult Pumping Applications:

  • Highly viscous fluids
  • Slurries with high solids concentration
  • Severely abrasive fluids
  • Fluids with entrained air or gas (to 80%)
  • Delicate / shear-sensitive products
  • Fluids containing large, rock hard, and stringy solids

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