Are you having issues with tablet transfer and packaging? Check out CO.RA.® Italy’s Innovative solution.

A problem was presented to CO.RA.® by a Pharmaceutical Client in Europe.

The Client in question wanted to transfer tablets and capsules from a production department in one area to a packing department in a different area.

Issues that arose: 

  • Maintaining the integrity of the product
  • Batch Identification
  • Traceability
  • Suitable packaging for long distance that is easily transportable
  • In case of damage to the packing a prudent approach to sub divide packaging to limit any possible damage to a small portion.


Cora tablet transport with numbered parts

The CO.RA.® Solution

CO.RA.® designed a bespoke unit that could easily handle any customers IBC (intermediate bulk container) needs, it can lift, rotate and weigh the contents accordingly. This unit can also connect to flow control valves, ensuring no damage to the client’s tablets. It also separates out into a case, which is further sub divided into four separate compartments, each with a plastic bag. The flow to each bag is determined by a weighing scales integrated into the roller conveyor. This is turn moves the case to a bag heat sealer which also includes printing of batch numbers onto the IBC.

The CO.RA.® Steri-lift was selected to lift and rotate the IBC. To ensure that no spill of tablets occurred a CO.RA.® Silicone tablet valve was clamped to the bottom of the IBC. The IBC was then lifted in place above a silicone rotary valve and connected via clamps. Below the silicone tablet valve, there was a 4-way diverter valve fitted. As the tablets were fed from the IBC via the tablet valve through the diverter and into the package the system monitored the weight and evenly distributed the tablets to each section. When completed a label was printed showing individual weights that could be affixed to the package along with relevant batch numbers.The box was then moved on the roller conveyor to a section that was able to lift the box, to enable the bags within to be heat sealed. The box could then be moved along the conveyor ready for transport.

All the components were manufactured and assembled by CO.RA.® and a FAT was carried out in the factory using the customer’s own sample tablets. The tablets were inspected by the customer and had no signs of damage. A similar system is in the CO.RA.® Italian headquarters and we can happily arrange an onsite demonstration, in Lucca, if required. Please contact Flexachem for further information.

Contact Brendan Merrigan on 087 259 8124 or for further information.