BA1/BL1 Bio-Sanitary Back Pressure Regulators

Product Description

Technical Specification

The BA1 and BL1 are stainless steel back pressure relief regulators designed to handle small to mid-capacity flow rates in sanitary biotechnical process piping systems.

These units are capable of control ling inlet pressure to a level between 2 and 135 psig (.13 and 9.3 Barg).


Adjusting knob for frequent set point changes. All metallic parts are 316L SST. Unit is cleaned to Cashco Spec. #S-1576. Interior of body mechanically polished per ASME BPE 2012 (SFV-4 10 microinch Ra finish).

Interior and exterior surfaces are electro-polished. A “non-wetted” guide in the topworks above the diaphragm provides stability at all set points.

BA1 Features: Self-Draining: Self-draining angle style body with side inlet and bottom outlet.


Used in pharmaceutical industry in production of many health care products for both human and animal consumption.

Widely applied for processed food production — confectionary, beverages, nutritional supplements and artificial sweeteners.

May also be used in cosmetics production and specialty chemicals. Would be found supporting fermenters, batching tanks, cookers, autoclaves, dryers and other similar equipment.

Size:  1/2″, 3/4″ (DN15, 20.)

Operating Temperature: -20 to +275°F (-29° to +135°C)

Inlet Pressure:    135 psig (9.3 Barg) maximum