Agitators/Tank Mixers

Chemineer is a supplier of mixing solutions and products to customers worldwide. Since 1952, the Chemineer name has come to be well known in the chemical & petrochemical, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, polymers , food & grain processing industries and water & waste water treatment plants. Chemineer’s list of firsts has earned a position of leadership among mixing suppliers.

Flexachems fluid mixing knowledge, supported by the best application software and proprietary mixer designs enables it to be the preferred supplier of Chemineer fluid mixing equipment to all market segments in Ireland.

These applications include bulk/batch mixing in Pharmaceutical companies, media prep and bioreactor mixing in biotechnology and flash/flocculant mixers in waste water treatment. Technology types include top,bottom and side entry arrangements with a wide array of impeller technologies to suit your needs. These technologies handle all fluids from low to high viscosity, low to high sheer sensitivity and a full array of pH conditions. (Safe area/ ATEX)

PRG specialise in Magnetic Drive Agitators and have highly experienced engineering specialists who can create bespoke solutions for any application. Their design not only offers an excellent clean-ability and surface quality but also a long natural life of the equipment components and a minimum of maintenance.

Product & Mixing Specialist:
Ken Killoughy

Tel: 00353 21 4617260


External Sales Manager:

Michael Bradley:  +353 86 0476178 or

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