Rupture Disk Indicator

Rupture Disk Indicator

Product Description

Over pressure or discharge indication for rupture disk and relief valve applications

The Rupture Disk Indicator RDI is a simple and effective means of indicating when the process media ruptures a disk or opens a relief valve.

The RDI installs onto the vent side of a rupture disk assembly or onto the discharge side of a relief valve. Upon rupture of the disk or discharge of the relief valve, the RDI alarm circuit is opened by the flowing media.


  •  One time use, low cost
  •  Sizes 1″ thru 24″
  • Compatible with Metal or Graphite Rupture Disks or for stand alone use (relief valve applications)
  • Resistant to most chemicals
  • Minimises downtime due to immediate burst indication
  • Supplied ready for installation
  • Installs easily into existing pipe systems
  • Furnished with attached 6 foot PTFE sheathed lead wire (cable)
  • No routine maintenance required
  • Installs on outlet side of rupture disk or rupture disk holder isolating the RDI from the process media

Gaskets – Compressed fiber
Membrane – Kapton®
Conductive material – Silver
Leadwire – 6 foot, 24 AWG, 2 conductor
PTFE sheathed leadwire (cable)


Click here to download the brochure – Rupture Disk Indicator-RDI

Click here to download the manual – Installation Instructions for Graphite Rupture Disks